Nut House Rescue No 2
"Saving one hen may not change the world,  - Northern Ireland
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Nut House Rescue No 2

Rescue 2
Another successful day...... 337 girls and a rogue rooster (DONT ASK) rescued.  At this stage 131 have gone to new homes (including the rooster) and more to go tomorrow. Still will have about 50 left needing homes, so anyone out there that would like to give some girls a home, please contact me ASAP
We have a Becky no2, another scissor beak, that will take a bit of looking after, one with the worst case of Scaly leg mite I have ever even seen pictures of, a few very bald and are now adorned with beautiful, fashionable state of the art Hen Coats and one so bald I thought she came from Asda! She was so bald I put a wee Arran woolen coat on her but she was just shivering and hardly moving... she was hen no 337, I had had my eye on her from the moment I entered the farm, but couldnt catch her until after all the crates were full and we were about to leave. I told Ruth to hold on one moment as I was going back in to try to catch her... and low and behold I did!   Tonight, Cruella has agreed to forego her coop and let the little one rent it for a while. Since coming inside she has perked up, been eating and drinking and has snoozed off with a full crop!   This afternoon, I really thought she wouldnt make it, but there is a glimmer of hope there now.
The volunteers were FANTASTIC, yes I said FANTASTIC infact absolutely bloody FANTASTC. Thank you to Janice, Jenny, Jenni, Gareth, Mark, Sharon, David, Thelma and to Sarah... I havent seen Sarah since 1982! and she hasnt changed a bit.
It was good to seee Donagh today, our amazing videographer who made our short film from rescue 1 for us and you can see this through the link on the website
My apologies go to Thelma & Sharon for reducing them to tears with my memorial plaques on the pagoda.  But they are to show how much we love our hens, and the Pagoda itself is a memorial to all the girls we couldnt save. God bless them and take them under you wing when their short lives are ended next Wednesday. Im sorry I couldnt bring you all out.
Today was difficult after losing Boobzilla so suddenly on Wednesday, but Sam and I got through and we dedicate today to him. RIP Boobzilla
If you havent already been to the website to see what we do, please visit Have a mosey around the site, listen to the beautiful moving songs,watch some of the amazing videos, some sad, some happy and consider giving life to a "condemed hen". They really are the most beautiful girls.
I am hoping to get Rons pictures from today up on the site soon and of course I will let you kow when they are there.
If you have re-homed some of our girls, please email me some pics and an update so I can put them on the website too.
All the remaining girls are tucked up in bed for the night and alls quiet in the hen houses. Helens sign that she sent us stands pride of place on Shed 1 with the words "Ex Battery Hens, Now Solar Powered" How fitting and as it should be.
Finally, thank you to my partner sam for  all the work he has done in getting everything ready again. Another shed was erected as temporary accomodation prior to re-homing and it meant that the two big sheds are less crowded tonight.
Tomorrow is a new day... for 337 hens its a new day that might never have been. Every day after that is a bonus for them so thankyou to all the re-homers who have taken these girls into their hearts and given them a new lease of life. May your eggs be plenty and your moults be infrequent

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