Last December Girls to new homes!
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Last December Girls to new homes!

Well, 326 rescued on 17th December and the last 9 are going to their forever homes this weekend!
Well, when I say the last 9, that is apart from Becky, Doreen, Edith and 8 more that are on treatment at the moment. They will most likely be rehomed with the January Rescue.
Edith is doing well with only one wing, she will get her stitches out at the begining of next week and the feathers are starting to grow back already! Doreen is a bit slower. I had put her back out with the others but she was struggling with the ramps in and out of the shed so she is back in the conservatory for a few more weeks until her leg gets stronger and she may end up a house hen with Queen Cruella, but we will wait and see how she gets on. Becky is doing brilliantly, she copes so well with such a deformed beak, I can hardly believe it, she is such a bully, but then again I suppose she had to be to get her fair share of the food.
The first of the big sheds is cleaned now and ready for the January run, the Poorlys shed is set up for the ones that will stay a while and they will move in on Sunday and start treatment on Monday. One or two may need to take a trip to vet Mike, for further intervention on the EYP front, but it will be easier to determine once the last 9 have left for their new homes.
The next rescue is set for either 21st or 28th January (date to be confirmed) and already I have over 100 hens booked! So please pass on to everyone you know that we need homes for hens!!
From my first mini run, Cruella, Queen of the Nut House seems to be settling in well as a house hen, she makes herself at home on a cusion on the setee to watch tv or in front of the fire for the comfort of the heat and warm glow. She seems to prefer no hen company, but I still put Doreen in with her each night as I feel she needs some more contact with her own kind. Hopefully these two will bond well and once the rest are out of the conservatory and there is just Doreen and Cruella, maybe Cruella will cope better. A one on one situation may be easier for her to cope with rather thatn a lot of hens as that seems to be when she gets disorientated due to her partial sight.
We still need some stuff here that wont cost you anything, so old newspapers (broadsheets preferred, but any will do) minus the magazines as they tend to be stapled. If you can save your old papers and you are in East / Soth Belfast (I work there) , or the Lisburn/ Moira area I could collect them from you when you have them gathered.

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