Two More Sleeps!
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Two More Sleeps!

Ok, So its Thursday night. The "Chicken Run" is Saturday and so far I have 250 booked with a potential 20 more to be booked in the morning. Aiming on bringing out 290, but that could increase depending on what tomorrow brings. I know I have to be realistic, some wont survive the first night from the stress and some wont be able to be rehomed straight away due to injury and illness AND some will never be able to be rehomed unless I can find that special someone who will be able to give something extra to a "special" girl.  Sam is wrecked, he has today finished felting the roof of the second big shed and has fitted the skirt round the bottom of the sheds, fitted the runs, made and fitted the doors, made and built the tarpaulin covered area, made and fitted the "guttering£ feeders and fitted all the hasp & clasps to the hen holes, doors and nestboxes...... really hes had a quiet day!  Tonight I filled the nest boxes with a bedding of shavings covered with a layer of straw and then layed a thick layer of straw on the floors of all three sheds for that extra warmth. The insides are complete.... oh I neglected to say Sam also has made and fitted the hardboard sheets to round off the corners and block off the nestboxes in case of ang girls getting suffocated in a panic rush. I have laid out the storage shed and made up the buckets for the checking tables, filled small bags of layers mash in case anyone needs to buy some to start them off and some bags of grit too. dog bowls are at the ready so while Im collecting the girls the volunteers can gfill them with mash and some with water. Im getting really excited, but also very nervous.  I have tried to keep a track of how many volunteers are coming, but ive given up. There are at least 12-15.  Martin Cassidy from BBC Ryural affairs has promised he will be here at 11am for me arriving back, but I wont count my chickens before theyre free, he may have something else that comes up.  Still hoping Mr Anderson will call in during the day.... That would be so good. Ron will be here with his camera to record the event in pictures in a way only Ron can do and Donagh will be here to video the day for me.  I just hope all goes to plan. My wonerful neighbours Tom & Ruth offered ( well I asked and they said yes) to drive me to the farm in their Transit van so we will be fitting the crates tomorrow night to make sure we can secure them ok.  May be one day, Nut House Hen Rescue will have their own transport and wont have to blag off friends and neighbours. But Im getting good at asking these days and I have been amazed at how well people react and rarely turn me down. It must be my amazing with and charm ( either that or they feel sorry for me!) I will hope to have the pictures & video up on the website very soon after the day, but please be patient.... I think I may have to relax for a day or two first.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us to get this far and given their time and money and "ears" You have all been invaluable! Wish us luck for Saturday and the early Christmas that 290 girls are going to get

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