New battIes settling in wello
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New battIes settling in wello

So the ten have now figured out food and water! Hannah is a tall girl who just loves a cuddle on your knee. Pearl is still quiter than the rest and last out of the coop in the morning but is eating well and seems almost to have her own "dimension" going on. She loves a cuddle and tucks her head under my chin and goes to sleep. Cruella is coping better with her blind eye, seems to be getting used to her surroundings and not freaking at shadows any more. Gwen is still limping and I'm keeping her on metacam for a while longer. Sadie may need to get checked out, abdomen swollen and whilst there are no  hard lumps, I think It's Early EYP. Mels limp has cleared and she spends her time dustbathing in The shavings. with pearl at th backof coop 2. Ruth is the scrawniest, but also very affectionate and stands up to the rest. Fester, bald as a coot but the most adventurous is stil first out in the mornings, I'm hoping her head feathers  will grow back. Red and Florence are still indoors. Florence has got rid of her gargle and today her tail is almost up, but I think another day or two should sort her. Red, what a character! Her face has al
Oat go e completely down and she has shown no other signs of mycoplasma They are pottering round my conservatory with make shift nests and a shavings dust bath. The cats are quite amused by them, but Red keeps pulling their tails. 
All in all they seem to be settling in well. 

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