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Freddie is mixing

Came home from work early today as I have put my back out. Decided to let Gwen (bad limp) and Freddie ( delivered to my work on Monday) out with the others, all seemed to go well, just one skirmish between Freddie & Hanna (newby Battie) , but only momentary. I think it helped having her inside and introducing her to Gwen for a few days first, seems to have eased the "Whos the newby, lets get her" attitude when you have one hen to introduce.
Gwen, seems to be happy enough outside, but her limp is still bad. Will keep her on her morning metacam for a week or so to see if it fades. Cruella (blind in one eye) is now happily dancing with the others in the garden, she seems to have settled a bit better and not so freaked out at shadows. Maybe shes getting used to the layout of the chicken village.
But as things go, just when you have them all back out..... 2 more are suspect. Hmmmm. Red seems quite swolen round her sinus area, especially her right side, but definately puffy on both sides and Florence is rattling well with a bad cough. So... 2 out, 2 in!
They are all settled for the night and Freddie has moved into the newby battie coop and seems to be being accepted by them.
While doing my headcount I found Eric and Ernie in the same coop, side by side so I moved Eric into the Battie coop, as I didnt want an arguement in the morning, where he proceeded to snuggle up to Ruth, he obviously like skinny birds!

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solarbats on 11 November 2011 16:52
So tell us why you ended up with Freddie Babs...
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Babs on 11 November 2011 17:28
a customer walked into my work with her on Monday! She was found walking up a road in a large housung estate in Belfast, someone caught her and took her to the nearest police station as they were worried what might happen to he if left to roam. The police contacted my customer as he is a pigeon man, and he thought of me. I dont mind one more, she is sweet, about 14-16 weeks and the customer is now getting a shed ready to take 6 ex-batts off me at the next "Chicken Run" :-))

solarbats on 11 November 2011 17:51
you don't miss a trick do you Babs!!!!!!!!

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