Northern Ireland - Hen & Rooster re-homing
"Saving one hen may not change the world,  - Northern Ireland

Unwanted or Found Hens and Roosters
Our Policy
We rescue commercially discarded hens at point of slaughter. We do not normally take in "unwanted" pet hens nor "found" hens nor do we have the space to take on roosters / cockerals.
Saying this, if I have a spare confinement area where I can put hens into quatantine for 2-3 weeks I will take these hens in, but we will require a donation to be made to the charity of £10 a hen with a minimum donation of £20.
Please remember we are self funding and can not afford to feed, house and medicate any hens that people have got "fed up" with. In taking in hens we are running the risk of cross infection of our own special girls of which quite a few have low immune systems and cant afford to be exposed to illness.
With regards to roosters we are unable to take any here but we are willing to advertise them on our website and facebook page for re-homing for a small donation. We are also happy for you to bring your roosters here on rehoming days for rehomers to see when they are collecting their hens (only by prior arrangement and again we will require a donation) This particular method we have found very successful for rehoming roosters and I to date over 20 roosters have been rehomed on rescue weekends.
Thank you